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Aug '09

Offline Marketing – Taking it to the Streets

We have all seen it in other blog posts, twits, and when talking with AM’s out there.  Offline Marketing.  The most visible of these has been in the dating segment of affiliate marketing.  You’ve seen the signs on the street corners…  “Single?  NameOfYourTownSingles.com”.  Add to that all the other methods of offline marketing I’ve seen.  Stickers stuck to the drive-thru window at Krispee Kreme, Flyers at the convenience store, etc.

But what if you can do offline marketing…  online?

Now I’m sure someone has thought of this before (as a matter of fact, I’ve seen versions of it).  But every time I’ve seen it it’s been someone promoting their own thing.  Like people entering a contest to win a prize while submitting their address, phone, and email at a Clinton Anderson horse training event.  But let’s digress and show you how I’ve come to the idea of Offline Marketing – Online.

A good example in the physical world is my brother in law.  He owns several car/truck aftermarket stores.  Does very well with it.  He rented an empty store in a shopping mall last Christmas season.  And parked a fully tricked out pickup truck in it.  Added a few items from his existing inventory.  Had plenty of his catalogs, brochures, etc.  And proceeded to “kick butt and take names”.  He paid for the entire Christmas season in one day.  Found customers he never would have had before.  Sold more product, garnered more name recognition, built his brand, and made profits above and beyond what he normally would have.  99% of the sales involved the customer driving across town for installation as well.  How is that for Offline Marketing?

This would also work at a Mall, flea market, etc.  All you have to do it contact the manager of a high traffic venue and work them a deal.  Generally a copy of the email list (which is actually entered by the people you talk to) will more than make their day.  Oh, yes, you’ll need to contact your Affiliate Manager and walk them through what your going to do.  I mean, come on…  300 email submits from the same wireless connection?  You’ll need to talk with your AM first and make sure your doing it right.

Devious people could go crazy with this… So you need to mind your Ps & Qs.  Find email submits and surveys that are very reliable, very up and up.  Mix those offers with offers of your own products and services that your website sells.  How about a Christmas Kiosk with 20 of your top selling items you demonstrate and best of all, your new customers can handle the online order themselves at your kiosk after they fill out a survey for a discount?  Adding themselves to your marketing list?  With their items being conveniently shipped right to their door?

Offline Marketing does work.  Doing your offline marketing while being online could provide a way to give your online efforts an edge over your competitors.

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