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Mar '10

Leveraging Social Media to Engage With Your Customers On THEIR TURF

I gave a webinar on this very subject last Sunday evening.  Basically I covered three points (each with their own subset of points).

  • Your Customers are Everywhere – Go where they are and bring them back to your site/store/blogs
  • Use automation to put routine updates in the locations you need in the formats best suited (via RSS)
  • Be Like Dr Pepper – Log in at 10, 2, and 4 spending 5-15mins tops to personally engage (or 12 / 4 / 7, whatever)

I saw on Google Buzz this week where the very same subject came up.  How to be more efficient but still actively engage.  My thoughts were duplicated in that thread and have been received quite well.  Then I saw an article today on TechCrunch about why Google released Buzz so quickly and this single point got my attention:

The other reason Google needed to establish its own social stream pronto is that links passed through social sharing are beginning to rival search as a primary driver of traffic for many sites.   (article is HERE)

A point I really didn’t bring out in my webinar session (kicking myself now) is just how powerful a traffic driver it really is.  Social Engagement can bring big traffic.  Targeted traffic.  Traffic from people that have consented to follow your posts, have become familiar with you and your personal side.  And have CHOSEN to do business with you.

Here is the full recorded Webinar for you…