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Information for AffSpot.com Advertising

*ALL forums on AffSpot.com are FREE, if you need a forum setup, contact an Admin.


AffSpot is a group of targeted information resources for professional affiliate marketers, merchants, and networks.  SuperAffiliates rely on AffSpot to forge new partnerships, discover new programs, and keep pace with the constant program information stream AffSpot provides via many of the most important affiliate networks.

The AffSpot Forum is where affiliates, managers, networks engage, interact, and network with each other.

The AffSpot Blog is a long format blog that provides tutorials, breaking news, and keen insights into the world of affiliate marketing.

The AffSpot Newsletter is an email communication that helps our membership stay in touch even if they only utilize AffSpot with their newsreaders.

The AffSpot NewsRoom is a branch of the AffSpot Forum and Blog where thousands of newsfeeds from networks and affiliate managers are consolidated into a veritable river of constantly updating information and news.  Essentially, the AffSpot NewsRoom is the “ticker tape” of the affiliate marketing industry.

AffSpot Traffic and Visitor Information:

Banners, Showcases and Text Links:

Through banners, network and merchant showcases, sidebox, and text links, you can reach our users in an effective and inexpensive manner.  These opportunities are excellent for recruiting and branding via established metrics.

Opt-in Newsletter Opportunities:

AffSpot offers newsletter showcase, banner, and text opportunities utilizing our double opt-in member base to deliver your message directly to our targeted audience. With thousands of active affiliates receiving email notifications on the latest affiliate news and information AffSpot provides a way for you to get your program, service or offering in each one of these newsletter drops.

Branded Forums:

Merchants, Program Managers, and Networks can have Branded Forums and SubForums for their business within AffSpot for greater brand exposure, recruitment, and to keep themselves engaged with each other.

New Program Announcement TEXT Program Announcement $25.00 each
Forum Homepage + ROS 468×60 ROS Banner $450.00/mo
Homepage 125×125 Side Box $300.00/mo
AffSpot Blog Top Banner 234×60 Top Banner $150.00/mo
AffSpot Blog Side Box 125×125 Blog Side Box $150.00/mo
AffSpot Newsletter Sponsor 468×60 Top Banner w/Showcase $400.00/issue
AffSpot Newsletter SideBox 125×125 Sidebar Box Banner (3) $150.00/issue
AffSpot Newsletter TextLink TEXT Intra-Article (5) $50.00/issue
AffSpot Branded Forum Forum Forum $400.00 setup $1,000.00/annual

We reserve the right to reject any advertisment that AffSpot deems to be inappropriate.

Creative Limits: AffSpot allows a maximum of 3 banners and a maximum of three changes per campaign.

Creative Technical Specifications: Maximum image file size – 30K , allowed image types – jpg and gif. Flash and video advertisments are also accepted under individual terms and conditions.  Please contact AffSpot via phone or email if you wish to utilize Flash or Video creatives as part of your campaign.

Submission Instructions: Please allow up to 5 business days for campaign implementation.

Payment: All services are provided by OPENRSM, LLC and payments are processed via PayPal