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Sep '10

Teaching our Youth Affiliate Marketing, and Supporting Them!

Learning by Doing is a good way to gain experience.  And for our youth, teaching them Affiliate Marketing can better help them understand what it is that we do.  And build a solid work ethic for our kids at the same time.
As some of you saw on my Facebook status…  My Son has joined Cub [...]

Sep '10

100 Years of Scouting… Longevity of Excellence

Not too many things last 100 years.  Some buildings do.  Fewer people do.  And this year the Boy Scouts are celebrating 100 years of excellence in service.  The founding of the Boy Scouts in England by Lord Baden Powell, the Scouts have had a profound influence all over the world by helping young boys become [...]

Aug '10

Affiliate Marketing is a Sweatshop…

Do you think Affiliate (Performance) Marketing is a Virtual Sweatshop?  It seems that the folks over at pcpro.co.uk think so.  In an article titled “Inside the online sweatshops“ there is a section denoted as “Affiliate marketing schemes“.  And no, they don’t mean “schemes” like your thinking.  That’s what the Brit’s call an Affiliate Program.
The interesting [...]

Aug '10

The Goldmine Affiliates are Missing… Consumer Tracking

The Wall Street Journal had an enlightening article a couple days ago about “The Web’s New Gold Mine: Your Secrets”.  Enlightening indeed.  And after reading this interesting piece (with a few more to come out in this series) the “lightbulb” lit up…  How many Affiliate Programs are planting beacons, etc. for the specific purpose of [...]

Jul '10

Ad Industry Makeover Mistakes And A Win for Performance Marketing

I was reading an article today in an online version of a newspaper that details the creation of the Institute for Advertising Ethics at the University of Missouri Journalism School (the USA’s oldest and perhaps most highly regarded journalism school).  And I noticed an item that really upsets me…  And a backhanded acknoledgement of the [...]

Jul '10

The Value of the Affiliate Performance Marketer

Yesterday I received a call from an Affiliate Manager friend with an issue.  Affiliates running ads on reserved trademarks, coupons dominating, backend tracking getting more and more difficult and the workload it was causing.  Generally, my friend wasn’t having a good day.
So I suggested that we go through each item one by one and maybe [...]

Jul '10

Implications of the Massachussetts “Harmful to Minors” law to Affiliates.

Granted, the main purpose of the “Crimes against chastity, morality, decency, and good order” law in Massachussetts is to prevent porn from being made available to children.  Which is good.  Adult items should be for adults, and childrens items should be available for the children.  But what happens if in the extremely “wide” language of [...]

Jul '10

By Which All Other Inventions are Measured….

Yesterday marked the 82nd anniversary of the Invention that all other inventions are measured against.  And while it wasn’t Performance Affiliate Marketing it does relate to the current state of our industry.  Every single day I receive an Email, a Tweet, a FB Friend request from another new network, a revolutionary traffic system, datafeed aggregator, [...]

Jul '10

July 4th, Independence Day in the USA

Sometimes you get busy and forget what’s important.  Busy building sites.  Tuning landing pages.  Busy managing your affiliate business, your family, your life.  That’s why we have holidays.  It gives us time to get unbusy.  To be able to surround yourself with your friends and family and mix, mingle, and to get in touch with [...]

Jun '10

SEO Becoming a Triple Headed Hydra

With the realization that Facebook has decided to take on Google the challenge of SEO is the changing landscape itself.  And this changing landscape will help smart, aggressive, and forward thinking affiliates to grow their business.  And those stuck in the muck of the past will lose.
Before it was all Google, MSN, and then Yahoo.  [...]